Freddie Gibbs

From the East to West

Freddie Gibbs ft. 2Pac


Yeah, yeah
Eastside baby face, beige delta eighty-eight, forty with four killers strap the k's bout to k the place
Got that demonstration geekers basing on this paper chase
I'm busting back at the police bitch I ain't got a day to waste
In the courtroom of the jail house
And if I bail out then it's back to whip and I scale out
So if you see a nigga pushing packs then I guarantee he be packing
It's a jungle in the G it's like national geographic
Some niggas will see me rapping and automatically hate
Then it's shotgun when they brothers and sisters knocking my tape
Niggas got they noodles knocked in the parking lot knocking bass
Now the police trying to knock down my door and lock me away
I'm like hey it's another day I just played it cool and relax
Freddie showing niggas love don't throw no tax on the sax Freddie
Old school never write my raps in the blackberry
Everything I do is straight dirty and sanitary

Deliver the bomb shit from the East to West
From the East to West
From the East to West
I inhale strong weed then release the stress
Then release the stress
Then release the stress

Deliver the bomb shit
Bitches a-plenty, sipping my glass full of Henny
As-a my semi-automatic, kills for pennies
Approach for contact
Coz I'm live I multiply
Soon as I open fire, niggas die with open eyes
Scared to take a nap, it's a trap
And long mays dreaming of getting stacks
Make a scratch, the wrong way
What's y'all say, we murder motherfuckers
Black out, blow the track out
My lyrics never fail me
I inhale strong weed, then release the stress
Deliver the bomb shit, from the East to West
Like, yeah yeah, niggas pull out, when I say so
Ballistic popping motherfuckers cocking is fatal
Fishitly, I delete then flee
The art of war, live a sucker free, get with me
Nigga just, don't, go, to sleep
Don't, go, to sleep

(I'm just focussing on changing the world, whatever I can do to achieve more and to be better a person, to make more money, and to get myself to a position in this business where I don't have to take as many orders and I can give a few, and I can give back, that's what I'm trying to do. I'm setting out one long yellow and black mail with the stack against me against the world)


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