Disco 'Full Metal Jackit Vol. 1' (2004) al que pertenece la canción 'Indiana Flute Freestyle'

Indiana Flute Freestyle

Freddie Gibbs


Man, these niggas don't think I got it dog
Only been spittin' three years, I got these niggas out here faded dog
You know what I'm sayin' man? smokey man
Yeah I'mma give 'em a little somethin' man, know what I'm sayin'?
Alright, heavyweight style is how we do it, one take
Yo, uh-uh, yo

All hail to black Caesar bitch
I'm known for bein' known to straight leave a bitch
Known for playin' ball, wasn't known for flowin'
I always had this talent, y'all niggas was never knowin'
I'm showin' you real life, spittin' the real lyrics
Black America hear it, white America fear it
But white kids, they love it, gotta run out and buy it
Yo whether I'm slangin' tapes or dope they gotta try it, niggas can't deny it
Comin' from Indiana, the rap Craig Williamson
I'm hittin' 'em with the hammer
My rhymes is organized, my state of mind triflin'
Call me Mr. Freeze, my flow is cold like Iceland
Yo' flows inadequate, real niggas ain't havin' it
Ill niggas like me is the wrong niggas to battle wit'
Rhymin' above average, respect my skill
And gets your lights put out, like a unpaid electric bill, bitch

Yo, I wish a muthafucka would try to take my cash
I wish a muthfucka would come and whoop my ass
I wish a muthafucka would try to fuck my chick
Nah go ahead, I don't give a fuck about no bitch
I'm so gangsta, niggas ask me: 'Freddie what set you claim?'
I got guerrillas on my team and I don't need no gang
Not a disciple or a lord, not a crip or a blood
I don't gotta throw gang signs to show you I'm a thug
Finger Roll sendin' me to bring home the bacon
Cause he know that Freddie Gibbs is a legend in the makin'
I'm takin', the midwest up to the top
If you don't ride wit' me you get left on the block
Yo I ain't like these other cats, I'm doin' it real major
Y'all dudes old news like yesterday's paper
So whatchu wanna do? rap or fight
I challenge any muthafucker, whether ya black or white
Oh, and Spanish niggas, you can get it too
When you open la puerta Freddie Gibbs'll deck ya
Feelin' on ya girl's tetas, up in la chocha
Then I get her on the floor and make her open la boca and it's over bitch


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