Disco 'The Labels Tryin' to Kill Me: The Best of Freddie Gibbs' (2009) al que pertenece la canción 'Murdergame'


Freddie Gibbs


Murdergame Letra

Bullet entered in his chest came out his back
Lung collapsed and his spinal cord ain't attached
To his brain, I'm about to put him in his place
Burn his body and hit the fucking interstate
The bullets will penetrate him
If I got a problem with 'em
I drop off the drama with 'em
He end up a trauma victim, I guarantee it
Niggas bleed trying to off the boy
You crossed me boy
You end up in a coffin boy
Payed the cost when you come at a boss
Murder for the tough talk
Chalk it up as a loss
Ain't no way you'll be breathing
Or even thinking or even seeing
Another day on the planet
Get your homies and load up your automatic
I would catch a nigga slipping or go and pay him a visit
What I spit is hella vivid
I talk it because I lie it
When they push me to the limit
I bury mother fuckers
I put that on my nation affiliation
I keep it gutter
I put my murder game flat

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