Freddie Gibbs

Say That Shit Now Bitch

Freddie Gibbs


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Say that shit now, bitch
Say that shit now, bitch

Nigga rap that shit you was rapping about
When you was talking about getting at a motherfucker
Remember you was telling niggas when you see Freddie Gibbs
That you gon' have the K spitting at a motherfucker
But now I'm standing right in front of your face
And it seems like you catching a case of amnesia
So keep it real I'ma hit you with the steel
Security let me walk up in the club with a heater
Bitch I'll leave ya
Bleedin' like a hemophiliac with your back on the floor of the club
Everybody know I got the 44 in the club
I'm the reason niggas is scared to go in the club
A ho in the club will get his face cracked on site
When he barking like a dog and he ain't gon' bite
Talking shit cuz he gone off a sack of the white
And a couple double shots of the yak, no ice (ahh)
I've been studying your every move
I ain't said nothing to you, so you thinking it's cool
Yo, you fucking with a nigga who got nothing to lose
So before you leave the club I'ma give you the blues (hey)
Bust his head to the white meat
Leave him under white sheets
None of the paramedics can save him
Point blank or long range
Don't matter cuz my aim with the .44 caliber so amazing
Gangsta Gibbs
Niggas know the golden child get down
I bust about 6 rounds at a nigga and his whole damn clique
Thought he wanted drama but he don't want shit
To do with a nigga like me, or the N.T.E
Them gorilla motherfuckers coming straight from the
G A R to the Y, I N to the D
Talk shit now bitch nigga what it's gon' be?

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