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Smoke Away the Pain

Freddie Gibbs


Smoke Away the Pain Letra

Gangstarr told you Something to smoke to
Something to ride to
You can get high to and lie to

Now you know like I know
I done blown every kind of do' you can blow
Regulator, mid-grade, stress to the dro
Then I went to Cali and I came upon some shit that go 800 to 0 King Kush, straight killer, that's how I refer to it
A pound ain't enough, you know I'ma burn through it
Then my niggas gone be stuck when I put it in the air, mayne
14 grams in my drawers on the airplane

Smoke like I never smoked before
Green like I never seen before
Woke up and smoked the bud, sky high (sky high)

Buds circulating like a Sunday paper
Break my Swisher with my thumb, motherfuck a razor
Nigga you's a liar if you say it don't phase ya
That other kind of reefer can't get you as high as I take ya
Take a hit of this, I call it down goes Fraizer, a clown don't pay ya They come to my spot with minimal paper
Want to cop a dino with just a nickel for later
I keep a heat for feuding, got a cutie from Jamaica
They say her daddy and her uncle grow it by the acre
I wonder where it started, my need to blow trees?
Ever since a teen I would proceed to smoke weed
Fuck a punk job, I got a need for more cheese
Tell me, who's more addicted, me or the dope fiend?
Niggas with no dreams let their nightmares kill them
I promised to never let the ghetto turn me into a victim
I swear there should be a law against living in this condition
Making it to 21 wasn't part of my premonition
But I did it, dro sack, lit it
Pulled my drawers down at the top of the world and straight shit it
Told motherfuckers my flow was big business (Outta your range)
I could make a nigga 10 digits (Niggas is lame)
All these niggas know is flip pigeons
Get bitches, keep a chopper with an extension, bitchless
And I know I done did hella dirt
But niggas is out of line, these kids is getting murked
For real, the shit hurt when I read it in the post
Made me want to vacate my city and get ghost
Tell my peeps and my folks that I'm out this bitch
Fire up some killer, about to flow my way up out this shit
Cause I was raised in these goddamn streets
Plus I got much game, like my nigga Skrilla, been puffing since I was 13
Mary Jane only dame keep a nigga sane
I break her down, roll her up and smoke away the pain - mayne

Smoke away the pain
I'm looking in the paper man, there's dudes out there disrespecting the game man
Running wild, killing these babies man, it ain't cool
Shouts out to Charlie Real, Jordan Hunt
A 4 month old, 23 month old getting killed
And their mothers, Andrea Real, Gina Hunt
Rest in Peace to all y'all
Jazia Shaw [?], another baby getting gunned down at 15 months man (Rest in Peace)
For real man, in the streets y'all niggas gotta slow down, that shit for cowards bro
Rest in Peace to all them
Shout out to all my niggas
Jay Beedo [?], sky high, DJ Rock, sky high, Skybox, sky high
My nigga OJ, smoke something, Ironwood, sky high
My nigga Roll, you know we stay sky high nigga
Rest in peace Boots[?]!
Smoking and riding, the world is cold baby
Rest in Peace to Little Lord
All my niggas, Midwest, sky high

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