Freddie Gibbs

Still Livin’ 2

Freddie Gibbs


Yeah yeah
Praise the Lord (Freddie Kane, mane)

Fresh up off a pack of powder
My life so sweet got niggas sour
Got diamonds dancing in my necklace
Just fed your bitch two eggs for breakfast
Had her bed in breakfast
When it comes to Freddie Kane, that's all a bitch gon' get
Eastside, ese, gangbang, we fucking with the whole shit
Bet I be runnin through so many other bitches I don't even know a ho name
Bitch you ain't fucking with a petty motherfucker
Mane, I come to get the whole thing
Said the whole damn thing, said the whole damn enchilada
Got a whole brick, that's a piñata
I'ma chop it up and throw it in the water
Black gloves, black mask black strap
Grand theft, murder one, kidnap
If you pull that shit, better bust that shit
Got a 36 soft, tryna rush that shit like...
Yeah, yeah

Fresh up off a pack of powder, powder
My life so sweet, got niggas sour, sour
Said life so sweet, these bitches sour, sour
Bitch I got money and the power, power, power

Fresh up off a hundred thousand
Young nigga fresh out that public housing
I went to go shop, these niggas be browsin'
I just get it off the lot, straight cash, I'm climbing (Yeah bitch, I'm climbing)
Get a thang then send a nigga back to the store
And the shop don't close, got it open for the whole 24
But I hit her last week, goddamnit, so I know she go
Young nigga got cash, so I know you wanna fuck me ho (Wanna fuck me ho)
Cause I'm fresh up off a pack of powder
I-5 125 miles an hour
Nigga hitting licks on these out-of-towners
My life so sweet got niggas sour
Yeah, yeah

[Hook X2]

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