Famous Dex

Weird Ass

Famous Dex


Weird Ass Letra

Yeah, oh (yeah)
Yeah, oh, know what I'm sayin'? (Yeah, oh man god damn)
What we doin' in here? (Yeah, what)
Gettin' hot in here too (yeah)
Dexter (yeah, yeah)
Yeah, ha, ooh, huh (Dexter, yeah, what)
Yeah, five bitches, what? (What)
Seven bitches, what? (Ooh)
Eight bitches, yeah (eight, ha, nah for real)
I got diamonds on me too, ya dig? (Real diamonds)
Ha, ooh, yeah, ooh, ha (yeah, what)
Look at your diamonds, they boring, huh (they what)
My jeweler come in the morning, huh (he do)
Yeah, huh, yeah, I don't really think they heard me, you know what I'm sayin'?
I'm wakin' my jeweler up at like six in the morning
Like yo bro, meet me at the spot, you know what I'm sayin'?
Ha, let me say this shit one more time
Uh whoa, yeah, huh (yeah, what, ooh)

[Verse 1]
Look at your jewelry be boring, huh (it what)
My jeweler get it in the morning, huh
Diamonds frosted like it's snowin', huh (ooh)
F*** your lil' bitch and she goin', huh (oh man god damn)
Yeah, green light (ooh)
Run up on me, get the red light (bow, bow, bow)
Ooh, ooh, yeah, yellow light, huh
Caught that boy lackin' at the yellow light (man down, man down)
Ooh, huh, yeah, Fatdaddy with me
Smokin' that dope, yeah it's cookie
Ooh, got a lil' bitch, shoot a movie (a what)
Ooh, she wanna chill in jacuzzi (oh man god damn)
Wait, huh, cool with my chopper, yeah (ooh)
Don't do the lean, yeah fuck all the doctors, huh (fuck all the doctors, what)
I'm off that Perc like a monster, wait (I what)
I'm off that mid like a monster, yeah (what)
Huh, a goblin, huh (a goblin)
Call up Fatdaddy, you know he my goblin, huh (my goblin)
Yeah, he robbin', sike (he robbin')
We got the money, we know we ain't robbin', huh (we ain't robbin', bitch)
Yeah, you fufu, huh (fufu)
All these niggas they voodoo, ooh, huh (haha)
That's your booboo, huh (what)
F*** your lil' bitch in the boohoo

Ha, yeah, what? (Ooh)
Yeah, slut, ooh (slut)
You know what I'm sayin'?
I'm bustin' in her face, ya dig? (Ha, yeah)
Haha, I'm goin' back at it (yeah)
Ha, yeah (ooh, what)

[Verse 2]
Caught your man lackin'
Yeah, what happened?
Pussy boy ain't had a ratchet, uh, huh (skrrt)
I'm sayin' like, he ain't have his gun
He ain't have his gun on him (pussy ass nigga)
Pussy ass nigga, you ain't have your gun on you (bitch ass nigga)
Ha, boy you stop snoozin' in these streets
Boy, you know how we playin' (I should have my twin pop your bitch ass)
We ain't playin' though, ha (yeah, what)
Nah, we ain't playin' tough
Pull up in a Range, yeah (skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
Shootin' everything like what
Ooh, huh, we ain't playin' though
Pull up in a Range (skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
We'll shoot everything fucked up, yeah
Know what I'm sayin'?
I said like we'll shoot everything up, you know what I'm sayin'? (No)
I be the one tellin' y'all this shit too (no fuckin' talkin' man, know what I'm sayin')
My real name is Dexter
Hold on, hold on, I ain't done (yeah, what)
Yeah, geekin' off mids (mids)
F*** your lil' bitch, keep her kids (ooh)
I don't want no kids, huh, yeah (I don't want no what)
I got three kids, huh (Dexter)
They be like look what he did, huh (what)
What did I do? What (I do)
I got that money, it's comin' in blue (it's comin' in what)
Ooh, yeah, you fool, huh (you fool)
I hang with Fatdaddy, you know he gon' shoot, bitch (bow)

Know what I'm sayin'? (My twin he gon' shoot)
My twin shootin', I ain't gotta talk
I don't really do all too much talkin'
Do all that da-da-da-ah and shit, you know what I'm sayin'?
My real name Dexter, you know what I'm sayin'? (Ha)
Take your fuckin' dictionary out (take your fuckin' book out)
Pussy (bitch ass nigga)
Ha, yeah, what
Yeah, ooh, catch that boy lackin' (bow, bow, skrrt)
I don't even wanna say too much, know what I'm sayin'?
Yeah, read about it