Famous Dex

Blessings Letra

Famous Dex (ft. Ayoo Kd)


Blessings (Letra/Lyrics)

[Verse 1: Famous Dex]
It's a world full of thots all these hoes choosin' me I'm never cuffin'
And you say you gettin' money boy you playin' poker 'cause you always bluffin'
Everybody sayin' this, always sayin' that please quit the frontin'
And I ain't with the tough shit make the world move so we can get to bustin'
F*** all that bustin' and shit, me I just caught me a whip, it came with a kick
Ey bros now all screamin' y'all rich, I'll bet as your bitch, oh nah 'cause she all on my dick
She want me to give her a kiss, go run her a kiss, the stupidest bitches you sit
I only get head then I dip, get none of my chips, the stupid ass bitch you slick
Now everybody say you made it boy you got the fame I ain't even made it (I ain't made it)
I been smokin' on my dope, sippin' on my lean, boy I'm gettin' faded
Call me a lil bitch then she call a friend now we gettin' wasted
But I ain't got time for hoes I'm coolin' with the bros and all we gettin paper

[Verse 2: Ayoo KD]
F*** all that goofy ass shit, that .30 on me as in the kick, I sure now as shit
She goin all fame and shit, I f*** out her brain she callin' my name and shit
I'm the man and shit, pull up your pants thats it, I just want the head that's it
I sure make you dance and shit, that bitch that we ran and shit, she a nasty bitch
I skiied on her head and shit, she lovin' this dick, she cheat on her man and shit
I'm on some shit, pick up the mall and shit, body it all and shit
Lookin' at us like we tv and shit, askin' 'bout weed and shit
You broke and shit, ridin' on E and shit, your bitch says she want the dick
Boy I'm bout that ashton keep it smith and weston send his ass to heaven
Say I'm with his baby blow his ass down I don't do no blessings
Couple niggas died couple bitches lasses always playing tekken
But as I got older mama always told me bout keep a weapons
I'm a high head send them high legs shooting Scotty Pimpin
We don't legshot we do headshots what the f*** you doin limpin
CPDK hate the fuc*** jakes runnin for the snakes
Keep my circle small when this sellin' done niggas out to get you

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