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Famous Dex (ft. Diego Money)


[Intro: Famous Dex]
Know what I'm sayin'
Just the wave bro's type shit, ya know what I'm sayin'
Y'all ready know
I really do that for this shit
Dexter Diego like what

[Verse 1: Famous Dex]
Pop me a perc and I go up her skirt
Your bitch she get on my nerves (uh)
She get that check on the first (ooh)
Other bitch pushin' to work
Run to the money I'm married
Diamonds, my neck is so scary
You a rat, Tom and Jerry
2 bitches my house you think I look buried

[Verse 2: Diego Money]
All of this gold on my finger
Bitches chasin' cause they know we famous
Boy you can't hang you know you the lamest
Blowin' white diamonds you know that they blangin'
Playin' with us then that chopper start sangin'
Ballin' so hard call me young Wilt Chamberlain
Can't fuck with niggas they fakin'
Can't make a move you ain't makin' payments

[Interlude: Famous Dex]
Ya nahm sayin'
Jake, can you just pour another deuce in that big blue
Might come in in a little bit nahm sayin'
Dexter Diego like what
The mixtape droppin’ real soon
Ya dig

[Verse 3: Famous Dex]
Heat 'em all too in the bacon (huh)
Can't fuck with them and I swear they be hatin'
I'm worth a mill in the makin'
I got a bitch named Megan
She wanna get off the shrooms
Hop in my Lamb' and go zoom
Look in my diamonds like moon
Wave bros comin' soon

[Verse 4: Diego Money]
Hop in a wraith and I swerve
Smokin' on gas got me high as a bird
Sippin' on lean got me slurrin' my words
Dexter Diego I don't know what you heard
Gotta get the cash, run to a check
All white diamonds on my neck so wet
Young boss shit go hop on a jet
Wave bro shit I could show you how to flex

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