Duran Duran

Love Voodoo

Duran Duran


When I first met you on the roof
You caught me in your web of youth
But now I know the wicked truth
It's much too late so what's the use in fighting?
You peel me like an onion skin
And wonder at the state I'm in
One day you'll turn up to begin
And find there's nothing left but innuendo
Beside you others fade away
Like amateurs in love's charade
Much more than just a game you play
These certain rules become a way of living

Night after night I try to prove
That I can resist you
Tied up inside your love voodoo
Designed to manipulate

The queen of sensuality
You shelter me from liberty
It's nothing short of piracy
That's not to say it doesn't please me sometimes
Now this may come as no surprise
But I'm content to compromise
Until the day you realize
That i have been manipulating you

Yes, I'm tied up inside your loving
But it's voodoo to me
Every night how I try
How I try to resist you
But it's no good to me


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