Duran Duran

Notoriousaurus Rex

Duran Duran


Notoriousaurus Rex Letra

[Verse 1]
Hey guys, turn it up to get sleazy
Twist it in a vice
Nobody said it was easy
Just use your naked eyes, oh
How to see and how to hide it
How to save it. Well, maybe. Maybe. Maybe
You can take it and eat it, and chew your life supply

Where's the real life in your illusion?
On the dark side your power's in confusion
Do the dance. Do the demolition
And lose the chance to hear when you don't listen

[Chorus 2]
Would someone please explain
The reason for this strange behavior
In exploitation's name
We must be working for the Skin Trade

I can see you!

[Verse 2]
It's a little bit late now
But there's times you will
Get a little bit out of hand
Making all of a spill
And if we can lay this down
You're going all the way
Take a look and i'll check it out
Cause i can always find it

Such a lonely place. Ooh
This room without your face. Ooh

Ooh. American science
All night long she can two-step and sway
Ooh, it's such awful manners
Don't keep me waiting, come and lie beside me

A quiet word is my Proposition
A promise made of a fierce day
A body bleeds for this coalition
Without surrender if you stay


That's why I've done it again (again, again)
You own the money
You control the witness
I'll leave you lonely
Don't monkey with my business
You pay the prophets to justify your reasons
I heard your promise, but I don't believe it
That's why I've done it again


You might adopt an attitude (attitude)
Look on the moral side (looking on the moral side)
But if police are after you (after you)
Where's the best place to hide?
For this production
They gave her a gun
Ain't no director, so
Watch out actors

Oo, oo
When the chamber's empty
She said oo, oo
Meet El Presidente