Duran Duran

Other People’s Lives

Duran Duran


Other People’s Lives Letra

Selling exes down the river
Every Katie's got her price
And the details make you shiver
But it's hard to escape when your head is stuck in vice
Because nothing matters in the self obsessive age
Where they dare you not to notice
But it's everywhere in shocking colour on the page

In the magazine
Staring out at me
Out of my TV
Other people's lives
Pixelated lives
Just like yours and mine

Every weekend i bear witness
To the social suicides
To the thief who stays for breakfast
To the poster child screwing everybody's wife

Yeah it's just a story
But it keeps me hanging on
For the needy soul
The glory hole confessional
I got to see what's going down

In the magazine
Staring out at me

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