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Daddy, Daddy, What is Heaven Like? Letra

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Daddy, Daddy, What is Heaven Like? (Letra/Lyrics)

Daddy, Daddy, what is heaven like?
Is it like our house, so pretty and white?
I don't understand, it doesn't seem fair.
If Mommy loved us so, why did she go there?

Heaven, my son, child is a beautiful place.
Where there's a smile on everyone's face.
Mommy loved us both, but she had to go,
We needed her so, here but they needed her more.

Daddy, Daddy, is heaven very far?
How long would it take if we go by car?
If you cross me at the corner, I can take my bike.
Daddy, please tell me, what's heaven like?

You can't go there, by bike or a car, it passed the moon way beyond the stars

And maybe someday, you'll go to heaven, too
If I know your mommy, she saved a place for you

Daddy, Daddy, I can hardly wait.
I'm so excited; heaven sounds great
Can I run and tell Brother good-bye?
Why is there, Daddy, a tear in your eye?

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Writer(s): Artie Wayne
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album: "God Bless Tiny Tim" (1968)

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