Useless I.D.


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It's a weekday and i cleaned my room again
of endless moments i thought we once shared
an open book, read every single page
naive enough to think that help is on the way
Rise and shine a day awaits
watching clear skies turn to grey
it's a dead end road and i want out
there's no return
let me know when will it end
if only you were my only friend,
i'd be fine
A direction split right from the start
i'm picking up the pieces to this broken heart
move over and make room for someone else
mabye a smile will find itself
right on your face again
Another empty sleeping bag
a broken speaker plays out loud
an elliot smith song for those
who can't move on and on
a tour to write you home about
of how i'm doing
pretty sad
you're not here and all my letters
are lost in the mailbox for good

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