Salute U - G-Unit

Salute U


Letra, canción

'Salute U' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Beg for Mercy.


'Salute U'

General, I salute you
I'll put a hole in any nigga tryna shoot you
It ain't nothing 'cause loyalty is what I'm used to
And what I don't do, I'll have one of my troops do
Nigga we'll kill you

I'm ready for combat, a solider on the front line
Take me to the streets, nigga motherfuck a punchline
It only take one time, for you to send a death threat
And watch these bullets have that ass singing like Keith Sweat
You ain't met me yet
I been camouflaged in the bushes
And I'm co-signing Fifty, 'cause them niggas all pussies
Bustin' shots at ya convoy
You don't want war
No surrender, no retreat, this is Vietnam boy
Check my war wounds, I done took a couple for the team
Only niggas that been on the battlefield know what I mean
Take cover we coming, pulling pins outta grenades
You won't make it to the general, without getting sprayed
Might as well say \"Hello\" to my brand new little friend
Only time he come out, to put holes in grown men
You continue troops and get 'em all blowed back
Walk up on 'em with a deuce-deuce and nigga all that, what!

[Chorus: x2]

Look nigga, I suggest you go home
Cause I won't hesitate to let the chrome touch ya
Nigga I'm never scared like Bone Crusher
Stand alone, provide my own supper
Tell ya baby mama stop coming around here or I'm gon' fuck her
Don't trying to pick up for them lames around you
You get shots for free, like I fragrant fouled you
I'm on the road blowing grade A haze and brown
Got niggas running like the KKK's around
My album's coming, a new year's approaching
My buzz getting bigger, my few ears is open
Can ya team play in the game without you their to coach 'em
There's a very fine line between a pool and the ocean
Sometimes I'm in Atlanta where they make head bounce
And you can come, but after you give Banks head, bounce
These niggas really want war, 'cause if so
Get on your vest, 'cause all you gotta do is say that

[Chorus: x2]