JJ Appleton

Letra de la canción

I was thinking about sunday
and how i woke up in a dream
we were walking down a runway
and it was such a crazy scene

you pulled me and we started running
and my heart began to pound
and with only the air beneath us
we never touched down

i know
something about flying
i swear
that inside i'm dying
to fly away from here forever
take my hand, we'll go together
you and me, we're living in a dream

and now i feel so connected
in a way i never had before
i know that you get affected
because i'm wearing all those scars

somewhere we built a fortress
and we hide behind the walls
and nothing's gonna free us
'til we rise above it all


it's all about letting go
plant a seed to watch it grow
say goodbye to what you know
and it's all about movin' on
this is not where we belong
so click your heels
and we'll be gone

and nothing's gonna free us
'til we rise above it all



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