JJ Appleton

Letra de la canción

It used to be hard for me to feel at ease
i need my freedom
to come and go as i please
with you i opened up quicker than a shopping mall
now i'm in your hands, and that is all

all these memories i hold onto
fall away when you're around

you're poetry in motion
your words are like an ocean
washing over me when you call my name
when i'm lost, you find me
i feel you right behind me
you whisper in my ear
and i hear you say:
"yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
everything's gonna be okay
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"

i've been known to drink a few too many beers
and lately, all these days apart
are starting to feel like years
sometimes i look at you and say, "who's this?"
you're the million dollar question, baby
i can't afford to miss

all those answers that i search for
were sleeping right inside me all along


right away
i knew you were the one
who'd keep me in line
who'd keep me alive
in the face of my own faults


fuente: musica.com

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