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Kid Rock

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[Kid Rock]
Ooh, I'm back (back), the fog is lifted
The earth has shifted, and raise the gifted
You knew I'd be back, so pack your bone

And hit the road Jack, cause daddy's home
Wit the funky hot wrists, thick like Al Rocker
Pumpin out hits, gettin chips like Opera
Bitch I told ya, do not hate
Or question the music I make, ugh

[Chorus: Kid Rock]
I make PUNK ROCK, and I mix it wit the HIP-HOP
I getcha higher than a TREE TOP
You want to roll wit the KID ROCK (yeeaah!)
I make SOUTHERN ROCK, and I mix it wit the HIP-HOP
Got money like FORT KNOX, I'll forever be the KID ROCK

[Kid Rock]
The junky's are, still cigar smokin
Still the same cause I ain't change nuttin
Huffin, and puffin; I got two rookies
All in check doin the redneck boogie

The king is back, to retract the wack
Re-pack my sack, wit the double fat back
Forget all that, I'm still singin (yeeaah!)
And like kids on monkey bars I'm still swingin

Thought I got dusty, thought I'd get rusty
Thought I'd get rich and quit, oh he must be
Fat and ugly, broke black and blue
But I'm trim fit, rich and back for round two

Red, white and the Pabst Blue Ribbon
Dead right, that's how I'm livin
Givin you more, that the false and fakes
They can't make the kinda music I make, eh-huh


[Kid Rock]
The black cat is back, in original form
The legible, credible, inevitable storm
Way past the norm', still misbehavin
Finger in the air and the flag still wavin

Don't come, don't test the boss
Cause I got this sewn like Betsy Ross
You can floss and front, you can taunt and tease
But you can't fuck wit rhymes like these

Thumpin like a drum kit wit wrists that slit picks
Bumpin for the kids who twist, splif and sips fifth
I got the gift I'm about to unravel
(Eight ball, side pocket) Eight ball in my jacket

Pussy and blow, you know how I live
\"You can't say that Kid,\" fuck off, I just did
Watch me twirl, the earl, the pearl
Or just keep on Kid Rockin in the free world


[Kid Rock]
TREE TOP - FOREVER! KID ROCK! (yeeaah!) [Repeat until fade]

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