Frimo Tha Blick

How many times do we have to to war
before we notice there's no reason to be fightin for?
cos if we keep fightin and blowin up each other
at the end of it all there's gonna be nothin left over
to fight for
why do we go to war for i wonder?
no country wants to undermined by another
so they bring out the guns start killin civilians
but that aint enough and so they take over buildings
the capturers get caught
and this act gets reported
the country gets mad and then starts a war
but why, because they weren't successful at siege
or because they were undermined from overseas?
how many deaths do we have to bring upon ourselves
because the world leaders cant decide amongst themselves
cant they see they makin life a misery
for the kids scared to walk down street
incase the enemy
drops a bomb on her house or even worse on her
she'll be screamin “ma!!” as the bomb gets closer
and it hits, girl dies
life destroyed because of a fight
she woulda been an actress her name shinin in lights
but now she'll be layin in the middle of a hole in the ground
she is forever silenced, never make another sound
her hopes and dreams are gone with 50 tons of napalm
life destroyed just because they brought a war on
how many people have to do die?
(our brothers we lose)
why cant we all let let leave and lie?
(escape to find the truth)
how many people will we free?
(to conquer the madness)
we need to live in harmony
(tell it to em)
Picture me rollin so clean down the westside
cops that be chasin me just took my homies left side
shot up his chest, sunk two i the brain
another nigga lost so now i ask to refrain
how many niggas have to die
before the police will live and let lie
what do they achieve by harassin me
killin young g's
tryna kill us just because we makin money
just for spendin green and we black
they say that's wack, cant have that
we tryna make an honest livin, but we too poor to grab that
opportunity, in they eyes we will always the scum on they shoes
but panther power and tupac show that on e day you'll lose
dear mr. president, try to use your eyes
its not your job to criticize but its your job to save lives
get all the homeless off the streets, they aint all bad
no one deserves to die man we cant have that
you are supposed to be above the law, but you even lower than earth
equal rights yeah right, what about the government's wealth?
if we so equal, how come we poorer than you
and it aint only a few bucks, it's about a million or two
that money could go to making housing establishments
but we know that you're selfish, let alone arrogant
you say you're helpin the country, you're only helpin yourself
stop bein egotistical and save the people of this world
How many people are livin in my hood?
it's all good, house parties every friday
everybody in the biggest house, this how hood's supposed to be
everybody's friendly, and everybody knows me
this is the good life, this is the real life
this all came from the verse i dropped last night
the fast life, fast women and the cars
my boys in the corner jus splittin nine-bars
i have memories so good about the day
back when everybody appreciated
one another, and now people curse each others mothers
sleepin with friends lovers under cover brothers snitchin on
the people that be turnin em in, it's twisted
how can a society be so bitter this is
not where i grew up, this the government white house
turn off your lights now, see the soldiers in night gowns
their soldiers are what once used to be friends
how many times will fight to defend our ends?
how many times do we fight just to save another's life?
how many niggas will die tonight?
our past friends are now our enemies, 2-faced faggots
turn on us, now we gonna be put down like we rabid
but i aint scared, fight until my dying breath
how many times to we kill, lie and cheat to beat the next?


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