Frimo Tha Blick

Letra de la canción

Verse 1
If i ruled the world, yeah baby imagine that
i would let the world know that i am back
the f be back after 3 years on the shelf
and now i'm back
i am gonna endanger your health
but if i ruled this is what i'd do
i'd cure every damn disease
man just believe me it's true
i'd get the hustlers off the streets and the po' folk too
dunno how i'ma do it man i might need my crew
see i've been thinkin of some changes to make to the world
but don't worry shorty you'll still be my girl
i'd create the world as equals we as the people unite
got the power to change the world stop livin in fright
dear mr president stop makin more war
i wake up
i don't shake up cos i know the world aint ever gonna change
it's gonna always be the same
you see my crew got more troops
street soldiers, thug rollers come through
you see me sittin in my car sippin 90 suburban
i see some real thugs spittin and cursin
they see me lookin through my rear view
but i aint worried
i'ma ride til i see the cemetery and even then
i'll be spittin rhymes on my death bed
talkin bout times i had
all that dumb shit i said
i said i'd ride til i die but i aint dead
thoughts of my girl, thug angel, keep runnin through my head
in the event of my demise, i aint ever to go
i've got the light inside of me
i got that lyrical flow
it's never goodbye, i know that i'ma see you again
because we friends, remember, together til the end
i wake up for the last time starin at my ceilin
i cant explain all these feelings that i'm feelings
feel the wind as i rise in the tornado i ride
at the eye of the storm
no reason to be cryin no more
i converse across the universe spreadin my word
i got the voice of the people, just wanna be heard
wanna be fed don't wanna be hurt
some wanna be dead
i wanna be successful, tell me who did
how is it? i got what i want at least i had it
the closer the prize lies man just grab it
tomorrow is a brighter day
don't let nobody stand in your way
take heed in the words that i speak the belly across
lies the seven-headed beast still fights
got the heart of a warrior fightin for life
and so i try to bring the peace when they pray to survive
listen as the rap speaks, raise your hands to the sky
my people got the power the alliance is bitter sweet
it's like a thug bustin heat
through the front seat of your chevy camero
(and in that case) i be the blackest arrow
If i ruled the world, yo yo yo yo
uh-huh uh-huh uh
if i ruled the world
uh-huh uh-huh, okay, okay...
Verse 2
If i ruled the world
turn the tables, i'm comin back for ya girl
i am the ruler send my people out for food
i join em on the front line, like back in the hood
i grew up as the streets and my fam raised me as a thug
that's just how the game goes no one give me no hugs
i am the leader of the onslaught it's known as rebellion
the world leaders watch out we bring fury from dwellin
the ghetto is angry and it's my place to put that anger to use
if this was a freestyle battle, you know that you'd lose
you have no idea bout what happens on the streets
you wanna protect the people then start listenin to beef
lyrical madness, floods start to rise
it's an ecological battle, we are the risin tides
like the sunrise, niggas be eternal
shinin down on us be the rays of which birthed you
i am the sun shinin down on my people
if you was edible, i'd sent the dogs out to get you
so far from the norm i keep my rhymes real close
to compensate for my years on the coast
they call me country but don't ever know the rhymes
when they hear 'em on the tape, they never criticize
me and my clique as we rappin just for dimes
in a dimension of the lyrical paradigm
words from my diaphragm man you know i am
that thug nigga keep my mind the track
as it runs against the trains
that be the thoughts that in my brain
i bring the pain of the plague with a thousand migraines
aint no cure for what i'm gonna be puttin you through
if you oppose me i need some competition but you'll lose
this is a dream or maybe the future unfurled
would it be true, if i ruled the world?
You know that i rule the world
nothin that you can do
i'd send the dogs out to get you
out to my dawgs, ridin on east, west
north, south you know how we do
the clique, aint nobody know ha ha ha

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