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In The Mist She Was Standing Letra



In The Mist She Was Standing (Letra/Lyrics)

Seven milestones.....
under a whatching autumn eye
contorted trees are spreding forth
the message of the wind
With frozen hands i rode with the stars
With anger the wind blew
giving wings to my stallion
clouds gathered across the moon
blazing, the white light
Passing the lake i know so well
i am near, yet so far away
I saw her shadow (standing) in the darkness
awaiting me like the night
awaits the day
standing silent smiling at my presence
a black candle holds the only light
Darkness encloses
and the candleseem to expire
in her cold, cold hand
and as a forlorn soul
it will fade away
Touching her flesh in this night
my blood froze forever
embraced before the dawn
a kiss brought total eclipse
And she spoke
once and forever
i am so cold
in mist enrobed the twilight
she was standing....

Datos de In The Mist She Was Standing

IN THE MIST SHE WAS STANDING es una canción de Opeth del año 1995, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Orchid.