Buried Dreams

What lies beyond the earth and nature?
and follows the rules of uncontrol
She becomes the animal
that hides in the lands of shadows
exploit in violence
that engulfs her as a predator
feel that extreme liberty
find the pleasure of the prey's body left behind . . . by his soul
One step behind the line
no return and no decline
eminent fall, who heard the call?
Like a violent planet
where live does not exist
the earth awakes
how much we will persist?
The elements gathering for a last strike
preparing for a war
bestial fire that will consume the rest
bites, burying the prodigal son
necrosphere has she become
a black cocoon, a prison of death
Silent veil
covers the wastelands over her
scavenger feast our pride
the painted pain in gray clouds
a last cry, a rain that will see us march
into the extinction
through brutality
peace reigns again
an irony?
evil was the seed
that brought a new live for the universe to see
[solo ndua]
[solo tono]
Like a violent planet...


Buried Dreams

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