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Israeli News

Sunz Of Man


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Oh yeah. It's time for us to unite.
All tribes. Uh. Hispanic brothers.
Black brothers. Mexicano.
Know why?

In the ways of the world today
It's so easy us to stray away
Go to keep our mind from all the drugs and crime
Material things keep us blind

I hear the souls of the fallen soldiers
Calling for Jehovahs, bitten by the king cobras
And boa constrictors which convict ya
Nothing but hoes in liquor stores
Cops who handcuff us in the figure four
I try to endure, but when it rains it pours
Amongst the pure and the poor, I'm sure there's war
Bless the child, born naked and wild
Life hectic and foul, I used to watch crowds bow
Until I was exiled from miles, must of landed reptiles
And the gentles, trying not to lose the mental
Abuse a gin for a while, taking straight shots
Hold my brother behind the gates, locked
Beat and backed by the state cops
Stripped of our language, walked around nameless
Amongst the strangest, a heart full of anguish
Taught life is dangerous, devil 'copter aimed at us
Society is to gain our trust, fuck a nine to five
I squeeze the 95-0, watch 'em die slow
'Cause you know that I know


Stop killing your own, hitting your peeps with sticks and stones
Off the negative roams, is what the babies bring home
Teach 'em self-condonment in the dome, make the brain a stronger bone
Why pull a muscle in this tustle
All your hell is a high kettle, burning 'cause I'm black
My realm is shillack, my wooden floor's got a crack
Millonium, laced a strayed with the plutoneum, land mines I'm blowing 'em
Nuclear geranium I aiming at 'em, grenades I'm throwing 'em
Walking through my war field, you yield to my heal
Regurgitate to a lead vile, when your ill
I see the blood spill, aspirin needs the pill


This one is for my brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers
Y'all money lovers, killing one another
Some think the life of a millionaire's the way to go
Chasing hoes through tunnels, streets, convertibles
Go out and spend they dough on weed, cars, gold
Expensive clothes, something black owns
They pack chrome, kill where they live at
Still got to go home, catch the jewels from the Macabees
For tracks from my honeycomb ways of the world
Got girls on they needs, shorties showing they privacy
For a bag of weed, before she had a seed
And bit off the greed off the money tree
Can it be this world of simplicity, negativity runs the city
Plus the slaves around me, like lost in king's county
Like lost in king's county


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