I came face to face with a waste of dead-air space
with a taste for drama
can't close the door on the clothes that clothed the whore
when you sold your karma
made every day another way to say how to play
this game you started
grown past the fence where you came and went
went down to where your heart is
Now can you smile for me? can you let me see?
so serious? i want you to laugh at me
if it's all a joke then just light a smoke and sing me some harmony
I know it's bad but its still the best i've had
Until i'm gone for good let's you and me just stay here now
until i'm gone for good we'll do the best that we know how
Like a priest who's unleashed the beast
get it pure in the soul like you're increase mather
spray the hose
feel your toes sink deep in the spring saint augustine
does it matter?
wash your hair in the rain
feel the wind's insane june downpour
lying in the driveway
feel it free let it be let it all soak up inside
let it take your breath away
So much life to give so much love to live
some die just to say they tried
now i dig down and i've found when i tried to think
i thought a lie
But there's truth i know
and when i see your smile i know it's right to just let it flow
So come on
i know you feel me i know you're like me
you just want to love you just want to be so come on
you're just trying hard not to fall through the shards that you see
in the eyes of the strong
come on
look around bring it down feel it strong in your heart
let it start be a part of your song
come on
put your arms around me let your love surround me
don't have long sing it strong
come on
It's a perfect day so come on let's play
sing it, sing it out now
come on
let's sing all night cause it feels so right
i want to stay here


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