She said i'm in your head again
you told her just the other day
i thought i'd felt it but you won't let me see it
your face is calm, it doesn't show
you keep yourself in close control
but i see you look at me
and i see you want to
i see it in your eyes
Three days ago i thought i'd cry
two touches short of knowing why
one kiss away from falling back into you babe
do you believe you're beautiful
find out what you've been waiting for
once choice away from being right
you will if you don't believe the lies
(baby don't believe them)
cause you're beautiful, you're good to me
you're everything i want you to be
and i believe in you, can you believe in me?
what we could be if you don't believe the lies

Only a fool goes rushing in
just say those words to me again
if you could look me in the eye, i'd believe you
four weeks of heaviness we bought
i paid the toll to get across
but you didn't come with me, no
you didn't come with me
i think you let me see enough
to keep me guessing, make it tough
feels like you hurt me, babe
is that what you wanted?
cause first you take a stance of attack, and then you take it back
can't stand the fact that i believe in that
keep me further from the truth you don't think i see
where to begin?
i start to think you'd rather believe
the lies


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