La canción 'Journey' se estrenó en 1981. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Red

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Trodding the other day
On journey so far away to make a
living to see what I could achieve
I saw city state
Places of all human races
They are standing in front of I and I
Working scientifical
advancement to corrupt the mind
Babylon in their little way

Thinking of all the benefits there of
I and I humble lion chant Mount Zion
I am at a pace
Why you scrabbing my face
Some must see they can earn
Cause I and I Black Uhuru
stand fine burn

Brimstone burn brimstone burn

Trodding the other day on a
journey so far away away

Trying to make a living to see
what I can achieve
For the benefits of my grief
I saw men worklng seientifical
advancement to corrupt the mind
Babylon is their little way
Brimstone burn brimstone burn
Everything is trial
Brimstone burn brimstone

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