Puff She Puff del álbum 'Red'

Puff She Puff

Black Uhuru

La canción 'Puff She Puff' se estrenó en 1981. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Red

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Puff she puff no bother puff
Pon Rasta
Tough she tough no bother
Puff pon Rasta
Puff she puff
No bother puff pon Rasta

Makinq love on hungry belly
I couldn't cope too long
With my bare long hands
I am embarrassed most the time
But it's not no crime
Children crying day and night
Can't find mummy

A puff she puff no bother
Puff pon Rasta she puff she puff
She just a puff pon Rasta

She say rude
Tough she tough hard she hard
A no soft she soft
Puff she puff
She just a puff pon Rasta
Anough she nough you
Kinna nough pon Rasta

Money I Can hardly find
And white scrawl a bite
Simple things are so serious
In these time
The things that you do and
Upset some day and regret

Tough tough tough she tough
A puff she puff
No bothcr puff pon Rasta

Puffy puff
Claim she tough
She just a puff she just a
Puff pon Rasta

Many a times when I check
My life style
A been a living in another
Foot step of another man
I no man man a fallure

She just a puff
She just a puff pon Rasta
She puffy puff
She claims she tough she
Just a Chuck
No bother chuck pon Rasta

Man find himself doing all
Manner of evil
I and I a ion's

So no bother come gwaan
Bout you tough
A nuff you nuff

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