Kathy-othe diamondswords and music by charles tobias, ray joseph and jack sher.transcribed from the soundtrack of the film kathy-o.kathy-o, kathy-o,how do your secrets grow?why do you do the things that you do?kathy-o, kathy-o,why do you taunt me so?i never know just what you will do.as you dream by the window,bewitched by a star,are you angel or devil?i wonder what you are.kathy-o, kathy-o,strange little kathy-o.i'll always love you,my kathy-o.-------another versionkathy-othe diamondskathy-o, kathy-owhy do the flowers growkathy-o, kathyonly for youkathy-o, kathy-osunshine goes where you gosmile for me kathythe sun will come throughas you sit by the windowbewitched by a starare you really an angeli wonder what you arekathy-o, kathy-ojust keep your dreams aglowyou'll always bemy sweet kathy-olyrics provided by betty e. fisher, hanover, md.

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The Diamonds

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