He's got the looks to kill
and he's looking at me
he's killing me slowly
how can this be
He's just the calm cool collected
ready to make his move
he's movin in on me
i dont know what he's trying to prove
His attention on me
it feels good but painful
i feel his glance pierce through my soul
and i dont know how im supposed to know
How is he killing me
killing me so slowly
its bitter sweet
like the taste of honey
i know it cant be real
but hes killing me slowly
Like an angel without my wings
i feel lost in everything
the sun is shining bright but its dark outside
when i see him its impossible to hide
You break all my windows
i feel uncovered
i cant decide what to do
im lost in all my feelings of you
How is it
that you kill me so slowy
how do u do it
how do u make me lose myself
why do u kill me so slowly
I wish it was over
the shadow is seeping through
what once seemed so perfect
now seems so far away
I was dying cuz u hurt me
in a way i cant explain
u tried to be my one
but only brought me pain
And its u who killed me slowly
i wasnt me anymore
but im alive again now
that you walked out of my door
Now i live and i can breathe
without u suffocating me
as the day ends a weight is lifted
and i feel my new life begin
Now the sun can shine again
no more dark to hide from
my pain has turned into happiness
and ive got rid of all my sin
You cant kill me anymore
cant kill me so slowly


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