Letra de la canción

I feel so unwanted
so afraid and all alone
i try to seach for something
but then nobodys home
Sometimes i feel lonely
then i try to stand up strong
sometimes i think if only
i was dreaming all along
everything would be ok
i could move on
forget all my problems
my tears would all be gone
search for somethin worth fighting for
put an end to the pain
close the door behind me
no more torture no more shame
If i could forget everything
put these thoughts away
id breathe them out
so i could live just one more day
For every happy moment
a sad one breaks through
tears my heart in pieces
and spits it out in 2
If i could just close my eyes
see the world pass me by
maybe the haunting of my mind
would slowly die
So ill just lay here
let my tears leak through my hands
watch as time breaks up into
precious little strands
Ill stand tall and fight through
no matter how hard it may be
its all i can do
to save the suffering in me


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