Canción 'Mirages' del disco 'II = I' interpretada por Andromeda

Mirages Letra y Canción


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MIRAGES es una canción de Andromeda del año 2003, este tema está incluido dentro del disco II = I.



I could have pushed you out that day
That would have been the easy way
Watch you fly down that hundred meter fall
I wouldn't care at all

Falling, falling, drowning
Inhaling and you're screaming
Screaming Pleading don't go

Mirages, as I hurt you in my mind
As the memories unwind
Mirages, as you led me to believe
In things that only you conceive

Why do you play that vicious game
I ask myself most every day
So high, that hundred meter fall
I turn around and there you are

Falling, falling, drowning
Inhaling and I'm screaming
Screaming Pleading Bleeding

Victoria falls were much too real
It's beauty false though now I see
Please try to explain
What was the aim, what was the gain
No matter how I try to wash it off
The stains remain

(We are gathered here today
To say our last farewells
We fell so hard down that hundred meter fall
Now, only stains of us remain)

Mirages, as you twisted with my mind
As you told me I was blind
Mirages, well constructed to deceive
The trusty and naive
Mirages, as you offered no reprieve
From the hell you had achieved
Mirages, as I finally could see
That there was nothing to conceive