More Than Meets The Eye del álbum 'Out of This World'

More Than Meets The Eye


La canción 'More Than Meets The Eye' se estrenó en 1988. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Out of This World


Now he walks in shadows
He's tryin' to pretend she never walked away
But it's not deceivin'
He's closer to an end he never could foresee

Where love goes
When love dies, heaven knows

But it's more than meets the eye
So much more than just a last goodbye
It's a cold and lonely heart
So sad and torn apart
Yes it's more than meets the eye

Now he's in for trouble
His luck has turned away, nobody seems to care
Well there's a cold moon risin'
And another lonely day has passed and she's not there

Where love goes...

But it's more than meets the eye...

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