Traición - Pedro Aznar | Cuerpo y alma

Traición Letra

Pedro Aznar


Traición (Letra/Lyrics)

Yes, yes, when it's maybe
when it's no, no all that ever was
Mine, mine,what isn't yours or ours,
when it's me, me, all that you see

You call it impulse
You call it mistake
But the exact name is

is not another body next to you
is your having mocked love

"I didn't go" and you were there
more than hiding, less than lying
Now I see that you prefer to leave
rather than facing what you cause

You call it prudence
You call it reason
But the evidence is

Datos de Traición

TRAICIÓN es una canción de Pedro Aznar del año 1998, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Cuerpo y alma. Agradecemos a Angel Shalom por haber sudido la letra de Traición.