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Como dos extraños Letra

Pedro Aznar


'Como dos extraños'

Pedro Laurenz-José María Contursi

I got frightened by loneliness
and the great fear of dying away from you
How I wanted to cry feeling the mockery of reality
next to me

And my heart begged me
to look for you and to get your love back
My heart asked for it and so I sought you
thinking you could be my salvation

And now that we're face to face
we look, you see, just like two strangers
I've finally learnt the lesson,
how time changes everything!

Anguish of knowing that dreams and faith
have already died
Forgive me if you see me shed a tear
memories have done me harm

The light of the sun grew pale
as I heard you speak so coldly
Our love was so different and it hurts to finally realize
that everything, everything is over

What a big mistake, to see you again
only to walk away with my heart torn to pieces
The dead hours of yesterday are like a thousand ghosts
as they return to laugh at me

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