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Verse 1 - Jay
I never believed our love would die,
It’s funny how time just passed us by
I couldn’t imagine you’d walk out my life
And all of the girls that I once knew,
They all disappeared when I met you
You’re all that I ever wanted in my life

Bridge - all together
I’ll find a way to make you stay, I still believe in our love
I see the truth, because of you, the key to our lasting love

Chorus - all together
Just because of you, I’m cryin in sadness
Give it one more try, and I’ll do the same
Just because of us, I feel like I’m dyin
So I’m beggin you, wantin you, callin you

Verse 2 - Richie
I never believed a man should cry,
Until you got up, and said goodbye
I pray for the day, you’ll come back in my life
I’d do anything to make this right
If only I had you by my side
I’m thinking about you baby day and night

All aid lips from Jay
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: niñita_chikita (#39.668)

US 5
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