15 minutes del álbum 'First Impressions of Earth'

15 minutes

The Strokes

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15 minutes en español

I was all just a dream, Oh no
The worst it was real
All my pets they were there and they smiled
Take a seat it looks fine

Everybody so inviting

They got it in for me I know
It´s not that I don´t really love you
It´s just that I don´t really know
The hateful things you think you want to say
Time will turn them into jokes

If it was all just a dream, Oh no
Was it real? I don´t know
If it was you were on there with me
Overjoyed in a peach

Oh Get, Get a pain, Get a watch
It was like a moonlight in life
I saw worst in a stop liner cuz
It go fast aint got time is been shot
Everybody got to party
Should´ve waiting for me
Everybody got to party
Should´ve waited till way
Cause today they talk about us
And tomorrow they won´t care

Is a life is it a dream I can´t tell
I got up and I wait in a throw
I will call you up every day
Overjoyed in a case

First time around
Second take so long
Third time´s the charm
Second falls
Five days to rehearse
Six American work
Seven´s in a scale
Eight circum change
Nine intoxicate
Ten is you & friend
Eleven seconds there
Because twelve make you goooaa

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