Luis Fonsi


My whole life
i never had love come true
but then u came a long, long way
u came and rescued me
u showed my heart
things it´s never ever seen
and now i believe

Only u can save me
cause i´m falling now
i was lost till i found you
only you can hear me
when i´m crying out
my whole world depends on you
heaven must be missing an angel
cause your right here with me
oh baby, can´t you see my life´s complete
and that´s why i believe
that only you can save me

Love´s so sweet
and that´s all that you´re giving to me
i don´t want to search no more
you´re all that i adore
you and me made love like it was meant to be
and now i believe


I know
that you´ll see
there´s just no other place that i would ever wanna be
as long as your right here next to me
and angel
you know, we should be
here making precious memories for an eternity
and you should´ve know that
nothing else matters
to me without you
so save me