Right now de John Cena

Right now Letra

John Cena


'Right now'

[John Cena]
You can´t help but feel it
Can´t help but feel this one
Uh-huh uh yeah

Excuse me for a minute while I lighten the mood
Just clap with me like the lightning do, yeah
A bit of soul food that you be bitin into
And if you feel me then I´m writin for you, uh-huh
Right now put another coat of wax on the ride
For a minute put the beef and the gats to the side
Cause this track´s got a vibe to chill to
Enjoy life for 5 minutes, man it´s not gon´ kill you
It´s okay to be hard and stay true man
But at the end of the day, we all hu-man
This one´s for you, the ones that you close to
Show some love, it´s what you supposed to
Right now, forget the ends and the Benz
Pop a cold one, man toast it wit´cha real friends
Call your folks, tell ´em you tight now
Cause everything lookin pretty good right now

[Chorus - sped up vocal sample]

[Tha Trademarc]
Right now baby, we all gon´ ride
So place those things on your hips or side
The soul vibe gon´ change, give way with fame
But sometimes the moral change or stay the same
Relax baby, right now you here
And sit back baby, with a round of beer
And cheer to those friends who crowded near
For those passed on in spirit they there
It´s gon´ be what it must, break bread wit´cha crew
If you got kids take the crust
It´s all love baby, tell your girl she´s strong
And whisper in her ear after dinner it´s on
And take it slow baby, cause everything real
When you at family dinner y´all enjoy that meal
Thank God that you healthy and you keepin it tight
And keep your dreams lighthearted when you sleepin at night

[Chorus - sped up vocal sample]

[John Cena]
Yeah - and right now I´m showin love to my brothers and my old man
To my girl, "Let´s Get it On" like the slow jam
To everybody that I´m runnin down the road with
Y´all my family, I know that you know this
Fox, Rock, B´s and Chaos
Y´all growin up with me man, true to life players
Grandma or grandpa watchin up above
Trademarc you my heart cousin, nothin but love

[Tha Trademarc]
Thanks momma, for all that you was
You a strongarm lady baby crazy with love
My sister raised me, those are the facts
And taught me how to rebuild when the order collapsed
And right now I´m blessed no stress no less
And thanks hip-hop for givin me back focus, huh
Yeah John, what can I say?
It´s all love from day one, you showed me the way

[Chorus - sped up vocal sample]

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