See You on the Other Side - Coming undone

Coming undone Letra



Coming undone (Letra/Lyrics)

Keep holding on
when my brain is thicking like a bomb
guess the black thoughs come again to get me
sweet bitter words
unlike nothing I have heard
sing along mocking bird
you don't affect me

That's right
deliverance of my heart
be strive
be deliverate

I'm coming undone
i'm coming undone
too late
I'm coming undone
what looks so strong so delicate
I'm starting to suffocate
and soon I anticipate
I'm coming undone
What looks so strong so delicate

Choke choke again
I find my demons where my friends
Getting me in the end
They're out to get me
Since I was young I tasted sorrow in my tongue
And this sweet chugga gum does not protect me

That's right
trigger between my eyes
Please strike
make it quick now


I'm trying to hold it together
Head is lighter than a feather
Looks like I'm not getting better
ot getting better


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COMING UNDONE es una canción de Korn que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco See You on the Other Side. Agradecemos a Mad2bhere por haber sudido la letra de Coming undone.