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Winter madness (Letra/Lyrics)

Divine creations now destroyed to uncover the haunted atmosphere
Strange visions of the ancient spirits, travesty of man appears
Coldness and the storming winds lurking for prey
The forces of the Winter reign in dreadful way, there´s no escape

I´m following the mistress of night
Through the gates of snow we´ll fly
We´ll fly

Winter - The realm of eternal ice
Snowfall and darkness descends upon the vales of time
Distant caress of the sun´s fading light
The lands were painted white with the Winter´s might

My hands are frozen, my mind is at the edge of madness
Oh how many nights and days, I´ve been lost in this land of sadness

From the primitive thoughts, under the glimmering snow
and burning stones - they´ll rise -
The artful spirit: "You don´t have to die,
you can rule in afterlife, just concede your soul to me,
(your life is cheap) - no price -"

Datos de Winter madness

WINTER MADNESS es una canción de Wintersun del año 2004, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Wintersun. Agradecemos a grupo23 por haber sudido la letra de Winter madness.