Letra de la canción

What do you want more?
everything is here around you and me
We lost precious things by contrast satisfying to get things
too much objects made us no estate in mind
our mind seems like filled up getting everything we want
however we had lost our mind instead
it's transient and empty time which we live
Feel and feel now
the time has come which we have to shine our hearts
without shining i'll loose control of myself and we'll not be ourselves
Here, be honest
be natural and feel now
Surrounded by unnatural things, being tied to wasteful 'things' and 'news'
we ruin our sence of right and wrong without knowing
no good to be chosen by things and news
we are the one who choose it
Our sacrifice is big and deep by looking for only convenience
so deep that unable to express with words
but no reason we stop here
it's easy to deny the reality
we take ourselves back having strong consciousness and will
we take it back!
Doing so, i ought to be who i am and you can be yourself who you are
We have precious thing never to be forgotten
have to defend
never forget we live with them
if forget and leave them alone, no men is in the world right away


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