Tree is beautiful anywhere you find
Tree is beautiful anybody could plant
Stretching out it's beauty and dignity
Growing wisdom on it's leaves
Overwhelming by its' being
Fulfilling the nature by it's being

You can say that same thing to us
We are all precious ones,
We are all part of the nature
Please remember
This is the answer that we have to know and feel

We are part of the nature!!

What has changed with human beings
We have lost our precious feelings
Heart of the reaching out to the nature
Gratfulness, longing for the nature

We are not living by ourselves
We are lead by the skies of days
We are not living by ourselves
We are taught by the blowing winds

The lightening struck and the rain fell over
The big tree on the mountain watchs us over
Trying to tell us that we belong to the nature
Carrying \"the answer\" on it's wings,
A free bird tells us circling above us
We are precious and part of nature

Born and died, many generations,
We have lost our precious sensations
Forgetting that we are part of the nature
Everything is beautiful, all the things from the people,
Who lived long time before our generation
Things are beautiful,beyond imagination, lost generation
They must lived in the sense of the nature
Yes, more naturally
How our world have changed so deadly?
The sky is blue and wind blows freely
Oh, how we have changed, all mankind?

We should live more naturally

The future seems sometimes a enormous wall
We shall meet a failure, we will taste a despair
But in our future, I'm telling you aloud
Everything becomes the reason to march forward

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