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Whats up my friend
never saw you with that face
i think that you are not OK

My parents told me that,
I'm a lazy man
but they dont know
what i want in my fuc*** life
they dont care about the things i like

They dont care about myself
i've never done it wrong
everything i wanted to
is sing and to have fun

You have my dreams,
you can be my friend for years
friend for years

After all im still here
i've waited for a couple of years
by the time we come tonight
although is we've ever had
but its the same old story

Youre knockin on my door
once again i tell you that
this couldnt happen
but in my life all is the same
nothigs strange

And is the same old story
but is the same old story
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Mao_death (#18.529)

Código Rojo
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