Canción 'Oh no' del disco 'R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece' interpretada por Snoop Dogg

Oh no Letra

Snoop Dogg

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OH NO es una canción de Snoop Dogg que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece.

Letra 'Oh no'

[50 talkin:] It´s 50 Cent & S-N-double O-P
You don´t want no snoop & you don´t want it wit me

[Chorus (50 cent):]
Everytime I come around they like "Oh No"
I get to trippin; slap the clip up in my 44
Shit I been thru in my hood made my heart cold
I get to poppin off that thang like I´m loco
No sense in coppin pleas when you see my knife out (knife out)
Motherfuc*** light out (lights out)

Here comes Snoop, uh (oh shit) (Oh No)
Sup Nigga, sup now, huh? (Oh No)

Ricky Ticky Timble, C´s is the symbol
Courdoroy khakis, stacies & brimmed up
Straight razors just to keep you trimmed up
1-8-7, oh yeah, now you remember
He´s electrifyin & original
So gangster, Snoop Dogg the criminal
The one you hate to love, in the club, in the cut
Hugged up wit yo bitch, ni*** I don´t give a shit
You betta check dat ho, that´s what wreckin G
Now step your game down, cause ain´t no checkin me
You´ll be respectin me until you leave this room
Or my gat´ll go boom, bullets go zoom
Now your names on a tomb
They pourin out liqour wit no room to consume, you silly bafoon
I pop niggas like balloons, I ain´t feelin em
Walkin in my big blue chucks cause I´m killin em


[Talkin:] Hey whaddup cuz, it´s 50 cent;
What´s happnin ni***?

[50 Cent:]
Ever since the moment I was born I been dyin (Yea)
Hundred miles an hour pulse flyin wit my eye... an
He who fears fate lives like a coward
You go against me, you´ll be devoured
Then you get to poppin you´ll have a change of heart
I hit your chest a couple times you´ll have to change your heart
Have doc usin donors, dead niggas with spare parts
You come back wit lungs of a snitch, an the heart of a dead nark
Niggas never see the light till it spark
Then they bleed, it get cold, then shit get dark
You can call me the beast from the east, I run these streets
You can eat hollow tip shells or you can work for me
These rap niggas crazy, my mercy has limits
Push Me - a hundred revolvers´ll get to spinnin
Your services are no longer needed; Rock-a-bye baby
My bitch´ll do it to you with a lil 380 (Yea)


[Snoop Dogg:]
I´m bailin thru the door again
Let the Momo pour again
Me & my ho again
Yea she got the four up in this motherfuc***
And Imma bust it if you try to rush us or touch us or sucka duck us
It´ll crack off, Now back off - real slow
An if you don´t know, I never hesitate to shoot a ho
Yea that´s my reputation - you test my patience &
You & your fam - bam - gon hear the blam, blam
Goddammit I´m at it again
They done let that bitch ni*** up outta the pen
And now he lookin for me - what the heck - my game is built on respect
Now I´m breathin down your mortherfuckin neck
I dumps till my clips is empty
I´m headin down Willshire to San Vicente
And when I get there don´t ask who sent me
Just take dem shots an drop it like it´s hot
Bitch Nigga


Yea Nigga
Just when you thought I was gone
Slide back up on you like the wind ni***
Hurricane D-O-Double G
With the G,G,G,G,G, G-unit

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