The Reason

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Tonight i feel so loved and cherished and special. it hurts to think i'm in love with this confidence. this is bad enough, but so far from the worst. we've got tonight. there's forces to defeat. this is the night that we are reclaiming the throne. in the name of patience, persistence, and passion, from now on. masters of this home. tonight we take back the throne. it's a thing that we promise, so throw it into the air and let it go. 'cause you're better off to know than to never know. so watch me go. let this be my will and testament, and these words my epitaph. this stage, my home. fuc*** taste it and savour it. this transfer, my insides to your bones. you feel it. into the temples and down to the toes. this is for every heart we broke. this is for every skull that we smashed in. this is for every floor we soaked. this is for blood, for sweat and for passion. it's a thing that we breathe. it's a thing that we promise. it's a thing that you seek. come to think of it, to be honest, to be honest it's a thing that you need, but it's a thing that you'll never ever know. you should have listened when we said so. i'd say it but my heart's in my throat, so kiss like you mean it. hold me tight like you care and don't let go. these are the things that you never know unless you go for them. i think i'm in love.


The Reason
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