Avril Latrine

Hey, why do u be so nasty to me,
let me be,
who i am,
if i didnt have fame,
you wouldnt have me to blame,
for your stupid mistakes.
Try to stop me,
i will go far,
get recognised in a bar!
let me sing,
what you think is pop,
but deep down you no it is not.
Fame consists of you and me,
which is my fans
my voice,
and me
my family.
do you think i have time for them now.
Remember my name,
is sorta the same,
as avril lavigne,
remember this she aint me,
i am latrine!!!!
Proud as i am,
sometimes i jus cant give a damn,
rocking on my guitar,
shouda learnt to play the sitar.
To get where i am today,
all u gotta say,
is i can do it.
sit back and watch it hit!!!!


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