Avril latrine,
that is so mean,
thats not my name,
i worked hard and shot 2 fame,
i have haters,
dont we all,
but they have never made me feel small.
U all judge me,
when u dont even no me,
if u could only see,
what it takes,
to smile and face everyday,
when u no its gonna be the same,
with interviews, concerts and critisim,
and my h8ers are so lame!
cant even go 2 the mall without security guards.
I sing rock,
not pop,
i am a punk,
and i dont sing junk,
i love my fans,
they r so cool,
they help me get where i am,
and i so do give a damn.
I write my songs,
with a little help,
but i'm a new artist wot did you expect,
but as i come 2 my second album,
i'll write them all.
and it will sell out in every mall.
I am equipped for whatever comes my way,
and i love everyday.
i'll conquer the world with my lyrics.
so be prepared for avril mania!!!!


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