Redemption del álbum 'Process of Elimination'



La canción 'Redemption' se estrenó en 2001. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Process of Elimination

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The next best path to nothing is the way in which you live
take it don't leave it because the choice is not yours
void is the path that controls your immortal toil
your soul lies dormant when your bodies in the soil
the lies they feed - the love the greed
the empty need (it's written on your face)
just lies and greed your soul they need
on the weak they feed (it's written on your face)
just lies and greed the souls they need
the weakness breeds (it's written on your face)
the lies the greed your soul they need
the weakness breeds
and it's written on your face
if you wanna hear the truth then don't believe in the lies
we'll only find the answers when we die
How can you spoonfeed these lies to the children laid to rest
they're just fuc*** up views infecting innocent soil
righteousness covers grief well hidden behind golden masks
security blanket your book of understanding
that you lack
[repeat pre-chorus]
[repeat chorus]
The next best choice to nothing is control the life you live
leave them don't take it because the choice is now yours
door knockin hysteria controls their mortal toil
their life is gone all golden plans now foiled
[repeat pre-chorus]
[repeat chorus]

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