Revenge Now Sworn del álbum 'Process of Elimination'

Revenge Now Sworn


La canción 'Revenge Now Sworn' se estrenó en 2001. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Process of Elimination


Your excuses to me they are no consolation
for what easily poured from your open mouth
in goes your foot again, back where it belongs
you said what you meant but did you mean what you said
now push will stay shove as your life slowly drags on
with another sorrow met the bridges from the past
they lay and smoulder to blame there is no-one
you said what you meant
so you will wear what you're given
What you invisioned for me, it didn't really pay off
the preconception in your thoughts they made you
look quite stupid, there's that foot again
back where it belongs, you said what you feel
but do you hear what you say
now the apologies flow from the inner depths
of regret, forcing up through the shit
that pours from your mouth, but there's that foot
again, back where it belongs
i hear what you say, but do you think that i listened
live your life your own way
don't try to invade my reality
other's they may show they care
but no, not i, so if there's something
on your mind put your money where your
mouth is motherfucker
revenge now sworn
revenge now sworn
revenge now sworn

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