Let's Make Evil del álbum 'One Hot Minute'

Let's Make Evil

Red Hot Chili Peppers

La canción 'Let's Make Evil' se estrenó en 1995. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco One Hot Minute

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Let's make evil
Let's make good
I'd do anything I could
Just to get you in my dirt word
Go down on you

Seventeen and thirty-one
I am just my mother's son
Brown eyes and a silver tongue
All the mothers come undone
At the sight of me

The water's falling clear
Interiors decieve i fear
I think I'll kiss my shame away
My prudence is not dear
Inside out and feeling weird
I think I'll kiss my shame away

Let's get soft
Let's get hard
Let's get off in my backyard
Where the desert wind
Will wash our skin
A lighter red

Let's make peace
Let's make war
Let's break into heaven for
A dance with heaven's devils or
Is that more than you can store
Inside your head


I don't want to live alone
Get on my throne
Slay my shame
Slay my shame

Let's get gentle
Let's get pissed
Get your knickers in a twist
Cause the angel and the devil kiss
They fell in love

Some seem dirty
Some say clean
Something from a madman's dream
Am I really what I seem?
Rising to my head like cream
It feels so strange


Slay my shame
Slay my shame
I don't want to live alone
Get on my throne
Slay my shame
Slay my shame

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